46 minutes | Aug 5, 2020

Launching Quickly in a Global Crisis with Caryn Liles

My guest today is Caryn Liles from the Centre of Canine Education. And while her membership is only a few months old, I really wanted to share her experience with listeners to show what's possible with memberships even when you have to launch quickly and in a market that you may not think is a fit for online training. Because when COVID-19 first hit earlier this year, Caryn could have easily thought the worst when she had to close her brick-and-mortar dog training business down overnight.Instead, she chose to pivot quickly to an online membership model for both her existing clients and a wider audience as well. And it's been such a success that she isn't even sure if she'll open up her physical business again. In just a few months having a membership has quite literally been life-changing for Caryn, giving her more time, less stress and a better work-life balance than she ever thought possible. I love what Caryn has created and how she has really embraced the membership model while still putting her own spin on things like offering free discovery calls to attract new members. 
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