52 minutes | Aug 20, 2020

Facilitating Change Through Difficult Conversations with Carole Copeland Thomas

Carole Copeland Thomas, a diversity and inclusion expert, is talking all about her membership the Multicultural Symposium Series in today’s episode of Behind the Membership.Carole's online membership actually evolved from her long running annual conference with the aim of providing somewhere business owners could have a year round conversation around important topics that relate to becoming a more multicultural and inclusive business. In this episode we're talking about the importance of Carole's work and the impact it's having, how she's able to keep her membership very low cost and affordable because of corporate sponsors, and how her current focus is on scaling the membership even further.We also talk about how she combines her offline events and online membership and the monthly webinars that she runs as both a retention and marketing tactic. Plus of course much more! 
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