57 minutes | Oct 21, 2014

Words with Mr. Wiggles

This broadcast will deal with an individual who shared the pioneer stages of how sports cable television has elapse over the past 3 decades here in the San Francisco Bay area. We will engaged on how we as freelancers got started in the industry, and how it has flourished into what it is today. Also, many of the changes our group went through as an association to the representation it has today as a union. This may be one fascinating interview I know that will captivate your interest. The gentleman that's being interviewed name is John Ward. He's been with our organization since its inception of 1985, and he's been an integral part as not only a member ,but president,and current trustee. His incites also deal with his adroitness as a director(3X emmy award winner)along with his talents in the tape/editing department as a tape producer as well. This should be an intriguing episode in this show on oct.21st.
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