29 minutes | Sep 23, 2020

"Tread," a Film by Paul Solet

“Tread,” tells the story of Marvin Heemeyer’s rampage through Granby, Colorado. The owner of a muffler shop and renowned welder, Marvin reached the point where he had had enough. Carrying out his God-given mission, Marvin altered a Komatsu D355A bulldozer to become a war machine. He set out to destroy every building and home of those who had wronged him. Marv began at the cement batch plant and continued on his reign of terror until the Killdozer got stuck in the floor of the hardware store. Without an end planned, Marvin took his own life. This documentary is much more than a story about destruction. It’s an objective view as the town of Granby, Colorado heals. Listen in as we talk to director Paul Solet about his experience creating “Tread.”Cast of Characters:Paul Solet…..DirectorMarvin Heemeyer...Deceased, StarCody Docheff….Marv’s Arch NemesisPatrick Brauer...Ski-Hi News ReporterGlenn Trainor….Under Sherriff (1993-2004)Trisha MacDonald...Marv’s Ex-GirlfriendStuart Spencer….Marv’s FriendTread is distributed by Gravitas Ventures (gravitasventures.com) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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