23 minutes | Aug 23, 2016

BTD Ep. 07 Rehab tips and Trends - Flooring with expert Ryan Corbett

BTD Ep. 07 Rehab tips and Trends - Flooring with expert Ryan Corbett August 23, 2016 In this episode I take a dive into my long lost love... Rehabs and Flooring! (FUNNY BLOOPERS AT THE END!) I started my career rehabbing and renovating homes. I absolutely love all aspects of renovating and designing a home to be appealing. We all know your renovations can make or break your investment and choosing the right flooring can save you a lot of money with rental properties.  My first ever Skype interview guest on the show is my very good old friend Ryan Corbett from Michigan Flooring LLC. Ryan and I did construction of all sorts together for many years in Metro Detroit.  In this episode, Ryan and I go over new and innovative flooring materials and products to save you a lot of money in the long hall as a landlord. We also discuss the importance of proper installation to avoid issues that can void your warranty.  This episode should be helpful to some fix and flippers as well as the DIY crowd.  Hope you enjoy! www.areiusa.com   www.getbehindthedesk.com   Facebook: Carl Dean Real Estate / American Real Estate Investments   Instagram: Carl.Dean / AREI_USA   Twitter: Growth_Junkie / AREI_Property Behind The Desk with Carl Dean" is a Real Estate Investment & Wholesaling Podcast that educates and entertains listeners about the in's and out's of real estate investing. From flipping homes to wholesaling assets with no money.
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