15 minutes | Aug 8, 2016

BTD Ep. 006. Should you enforce Renters Insurance? A message to Landlords, Investors, and busy Millennials.

Renters insurance seems like a waste to many people. They assume "it could never happen to me", until it does.  My recent and unfortunate learning experience has inspired me to do a show to cover the importance of Renters Insurance.  As a millennial renter myself I have always had renters insurance but I never thought to even look at what was covered in my policy. This was a mistake on my part that I recently paid for the hard way. That is why on this episode I talk about the importance of renters insurance for your tenants. It is important to know the items you will need extended coverage on like jewelry, so you don't lose more than the insurance is set up to cover.  As a landlord and a renter myself it is important to me that my tenants not only have renters insurance but also understand why and the importance of it.  www.areiusa.com www.getbehindthedesk.com Facebook: American Real Estate Investments / Behind The Desk with Carl Dean Instagram: AREI_USA / Carl.Dean YouTube/CarlDeanTV
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