35 minutes | Jun 6, 2016

Behind The Desk Ep. 001 - Tools to help wholesalers and investors succeed and a little about me.

Behind The Desk with Carl Dean" is a Real Estate Investment & Wholesaling Podcast that educates and entertains listeners about the in's and out's of real estate investing. From flipping homes to wholesaling assets with no money.  In this first episode I talk about my story and how I got started in Real Estate Investing as a small town wholesaler to where I am now . I go over some of the different tools and software programs I used to become successful. I talk about how to think outside the box and grow a good brand and I bring in my partner John Larson.  www.areiusa.com www.getbehindthedesk.com   Facebook: CarlDeanRealEstate / American Real Estate Investments Instagram: Carl.Dean / AREI_USA Twitter: @Growth_Junkie / @AREI_Property Snapchat: Carl_Dean Shout outs on the show: The Real Estate Guys - www.realestateguysradio.com Real Wealth Network - www.realwealthnetwork.com Fortune Builders - www.fortunebuilders.com Think Realty - www.thinkrealty.com
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