58 minutes | Jul 16th 2020

Ep 6 Mariatu Turay-Akar| Talking about using fashion to heal and empower women to be bold and the importance of telling our own stories

This is episode #6 where I am joined by fashion designer and entrepreneur Mariatu Turay-Akar.

ABOUT MARITAU: You are listening to episode number 6 of season 3. And joining me on the show is Mariatu Turay-Akar. Mariatu is the founder of Gitas Portal a London-based mid-luxury fashion brand that uses vibrant African wax cloth textiles to celebrate and promote cultural diversity. We talk about using fashion to inspire and empower women to be bold, how her faith helps her to stay motivated and push past the challenges of running a business, and how Gitas Portal has become a place of connectivity and healing for her clients. So let’s begin…

We talk about:

  • Gitas Portal a platform to empower women and using it to tell the stories of women
  • Her role in promoting a positive image of brand Africa and telling our own stories
  • What led to her starting her own business
  • The politics of African fashion and prints
  • The impact wearing colour has on ourselves and those around us
  • Managing the negativity and flipping that into positive
  • Growing up with role models who were fighters in what they believe in
  • Standing her ground
  • Staying relevant in changing times
  • How nurturing and listening to her customers has helped her stay relevant
  • Practicing self-care in business
  • The meaning behind the name Gitas Portal?
  • Realising when it was time to leave her business
  • Recognising the signs that you are meant to be doing something


Links and resources mentioned in this episode

Where you can go to find out more about Mariatu and Gitas Portal: https://www.gitasportal.com



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