37 minutes | Oct 15th 2020

Ep 1 Eno Jonah | Talking about sustainable luxury and her passion for artisanal heritage textiles

This is episode #1 where I am joined by textile designer Eno Jonah.

ABOUT ENO: Eno is the founder of Nzuri Textiles, a brand of exquisitely handcrafted textiles with a focus on sustainable luxury. In our conversation Eno talks about the inspiration behind her designs, what sustainable luxury means to her, preserving artisan skills, and takes us on the journey from an idea through to finished textile.

We talk about:

  • Travelling and learning from other cultures
  • Finding also that last and can be recycled
  • The stories behind her designs
  • The journey of a textile from an idea to finished product
  • The meaning of sustainable luxury
  • The journey of setting up a business
  • Connecting to showrooms and how to find reps
  • Getting her name out there and building visibility
  • The impact of Black Lives Matter, and the need to keep the conversation going
  • How she keeps challenging herself to grow as a designer


Links and resources mentioned in this episode

Atelier Qubere New York Gallery Moyi Magazine Maker Amsterdam

Where you can go to find out more about Eno and Nzuri Textiles: https://nzuritextiles.com/



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