62 minutes | Oct 26, 2018

Justin Havre talks accountability and self-improvement, two keys to great leadership and culture — TKLS #2

If you’re really honest with yourself, do you blame others or take responsibility when things go wrong? If you do take responsibility, how do you turn things around? In this episode, Kris goes deep with Justin Havre of Justin Havre & Associates, the #1 RE/MAX team in western Canada and #2 RE/MAX team in the entire country. Justin is basically the introverted Canadian version of Kris, and he’s a great example of someone who stood on the precipice of failure before learning how to make the right decisions, dig himself out of the ditch and kick some serious butt in the marketplace. Learn the surprising thing that Justin spends six figures on in his business. Hear the one piece of advice he would give to his younger self. And learn what in the world whitewater rafting has to do with positive culture—all in this special north-of-the-border “The Kris Lindahl Show.”

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