62 minutes | Nov 5, 2018

Josh Neumann’s product is reducing bullying and proving the power of a purpose-based brand, and that’s not just lip service! — TKLS #4

What do you do when you’re successful but not fulfilled? What’s it like when a moment of inspiration takes on a life of its own? And how can (literally) opening doors for other people also open doors of opportunity for you? Josh Neumann reveals the fascinating story behind his lip balm product Kind Lips, and how a simple idea he had in a moment of self-reflection is now changing behavior, changing culture and changing lives every day. For anyone struggling to figure out what they’re passionate about and how to translate those passions into action, Josh is the perfect example of someone following their dream wherever it leads (even if he doesn’t always feel like he knows what he’s doing). Go “behind the lip balm” on this fascinating story of great leadership and entrepreneurship. 

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