82 minutes | Oct 26, 2018

Jon Cheplak gets vulnerable and talks about the importance of transparency to good leadership — TKLS #1

What secret do good leaders know about getting people to make a choice or a change? What’s the thing that most leaders say they’re going to be, but then almost never are? What’s the #1 thing a leader should ask him or herself when they wake up in the morning? Learn the surprising answers to these and many other questions in this fascinating conversation between Kris and renowned speaker and mentor Jon Cheplak, one of the most sought after real estate leadership and productivity consultants on the planet. What is culture? What is leadership? Why is “vulnerability” such a scary word for people? And what’s the absolute best thing you can do when you or your business are struggling? It’s all in our flagship “The Kris Lindahl Show” podcast. And the answers start right now…

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