32 minutes | Oct 26, 2017

Entertainment Doesn't Cut It: Why Radio Should Have Better Content w/ Gabriella Daniels of Hot FM, Asaba

When asked about what she can make better in radio land, Gabriella Daniels, the program manager of Hot FM Asaba, replies, "It is important that aspiring presenters or those already on air, to know that your job is not only for the fun of it. Yeah, your job is real fun when you're on air, but it is not really about that. You should be able to know that this is a mission you have, knowing that radio is a powerful tool to shape the future of a society, the future of a nation, and that's because whatever people hear on radio, whether correct or not, they believe it. It registers somewhere in their subconscious. That means that whatever we say on air, as presenters behind radio, is sensitive, and we must not play or mull over anything we say carelessly. I feel there should be a body to regulate the kind of things OPAs say on air. NBC, for example, is just for music. Nothing exists regulating what OAPs say on air, the suggestions they make and the rest..."   Now you see why you should tune in to this episode of Behind Radio? You may never hear this on any radio.   Hit play and enjoy the episode.   Only on http://BehindRadio.com
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