42 minutes | Jan 16, 2020

Staying Consistent as a Parent

Angela Nelson, MS, BCBA, and Kristin Bandi, MA, BCBA, are Board Certified Behavior Analysts with Rethink Benefits. They spend their days working with parents and caregivers of children with learning, social or behavioral challenges. In this inaugural episode of Behaviorally Speaking, Angela and Kristin share five tips to help you stay consistent with parenting in the coming year. By staying consistent, you empower yourself while establishing credibility with your children. They will help you implement simple strategies like incorporating visual support, developing a routine and being realistic with your own expectations.This podcast is brought to you by Rethink Benefits. If you need support as a parent or caregiver of a child, we encourage you to visit rethinkbenefits.com to learn more about the program. Not sure if you have access to Rethink? Ask your Human Resources team if the program is part of your employer-provided benefits. Rethink reaches millions of lives globally through partnerships with top organizations and Fortune 1,000 companies.
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