30 minutes | Mar 30, 2021

EHRs and You with Dr. Susan Litton - Episode 60

There are a lot of aspects to our practice: HIPAA compliance, working with insurance panels, collecting copays, notifications of sessions coming up, note-taking, and more. In this episode, Dr. Graham Taylor is joined by Susan Litton, CEO of PSYBooks. Susan shares her story going from Clinical Psychologist to Web Developer and Designer a passion that gave her unique skills to help create a better EHR and Portal. She explains the history behind EHRs and some of the challenges that practitioners experience. And a look behind the PSYBooks program and some of the convenient tools behind their program to help streamline management and help practitioners.     For more information about PSYBooks, please visit: https://www.psybooks.com/   Read more about EHRs at https://www.psybooks.com/why-do-people-hate-ehrs/ Read more about the Open Notes Rule at https://www.psybooks.com/does-open-notes-apply-to-me/ Read more about PSYBooks integration at https://www.psybooks.com/more-than-a-three-room-house/ Read more about the various PSYBooks programs at https://www.psybooks.com/why-get-an-integrated-product/
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