47 minutes | Feb 28, 2021

#36: Secrets of Life Science Investments - An Introduction to Hadean Ventures

It was great fun to talk with Walter Stockinger, Co-Founder of Hadean Ventures, about the topic of Life Science Investments.We covered the following questions:How do Venture Funds operate?What do you need to know about approaching VCs?What is the purpose of a VC?Why are exits necessary for VCs?And what exit strategies are relevant?Why do VCs raise money, and from whom?Use the opportunity to get your answer directly from a VC.Link to the Video of the Recording:YouTubeSpeaker:Astrid WoollardChristian SoschnerWalter StockingerOrganizations:CS Life Science InvestHadean VenturesScytale VenturesBe part of our Network:Subscribe here:  https://mailchi.mp/e2467061ef75/lsg2gSupport the show (https://www.lifescienceget2gether.com/registration-membersclub/)
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