58 minutes | Nov 7, 2022

How Rae’s first community role at a tech startup allows her to be a “the” instead of an “a”

Rae is the Head of Community at Topknot - a startup that provides an online personal development club that helps millennial women and non-binary individuals move forward in their personal development and growth journey.

What I find super interesting about her is that this is not only her first official community role, but also her first role in a tech startup! She is coming to the community space after a long and varied professional background spanning non-profit management to business consulting.

In this episode, we dive into:

  • How a serendipitous conversation with a cofounder made her join Topknot as their first employee and the Head of Community
  • What Topknot does and who it’s for
  • Being an “a” at your job vs. being a “the”
  • What does her work at Topknot currently look like
  • Being a coloring book artist who is given a blank page
  • Moving from a “Ready, aim, fire” mindset to “Ready, fire, aim”
  • What it means to fail forward
  • How being intentional helps her in networking with community builders
  • Resources that helped Rae as a new community professional
  • A 4-question Rapid-fire Round!

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