29 minutes | Dec 3, 2020

Episode 5: Can solidarity make a comeback?

Created by artist Alison Surtees working with Tracy Drysdale.This conversation gives voice to the last great National Crisis faced across sectors with the General Strike of 1926, and looks at the growth in thinking around collectivism and community support. We move through the Pit and Factory Papers as a means of educating the working classes as to what was happening in the world of industry and how it affected them, and the role of arts in telling the stories of the struggles and issues, through the work of Ewan MacColl. We chat to two activists working today who draw parallels to the current pandemic and the coming together of people to support each other in crisis, with the wonderful 'the people save the people' tag line. Episode image: 'The Miner Emerges' by Boardman Robinson, 1912. Courtesy of the Working Class Movement Library.Introduced by Reece Williams.Additional production by Siân Roberts.Find out more about the Begin The World Over Again project
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