40 minutes | Nov 23, 2020

Episode 2: Is there grass growing in-between the cobbles? Roaming in and around the WCML archives

Created by artist Danielle Porter working with Hilary Friend.In his memoir Benny Rothman (b.1911), who led the Kinder Scout Mass Trespass in 1932, says that  the only grass he saw as a child in Hightown Cheetham Hill North Manchester was the grass growing in-between the cobbles.  How far could this still be said today? Is our right to fresh air and unhindered walking  under threat? But are there shoots of new grass growing and reviving a defiance and awareness of the importance of green and open spaces? In this episode we go on a journey in and outside the library  to investigate.Introduced by Reece Williams.Additional production by Siân Roberts.Find the full programme credits and more information about this episode here on the WCML websiteFind out more about the Begin The World Over Again project
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