29 minutes | Mar 3, 2020

Misleading Food Labels with Dairy Carrie | Over A Beer 036

Take a look at the labels on food packages near you or in your kitchen. What do you see? These food labels can confusing, leading to misinformation and often guilty feelings that we're not doing the right thing for ourselves and our family. How do we filter through the marketing to understand what labels have true meaning? How can and should the agriculture community join in to clear the air on these topics? Or did we help contribute to the confusion of food labels? This week on the podcast, Carrie Mess (a.k.a. Dairy Carrie) and I sit down for another Over A Beer episode to discuss.. You can find those episode show notes here. Thanks to our sponsors (Yes! We finally have sponsors) Chad Anglin from Kentucky and Markie Hageman from California for buying us a beer. If you’d like to buy us a beer or get me to Wisconsin for future episodes, hit me up on Venmo. When Carrie and I sat down for this episode of the podcast, there were two label terms that were top of mind for us. Antibiotics and Hormones. Both things that spark emotion in us with the concern of these contaminants being in our food supply. Is it safe to eat? Is there reason for those labels to be there at all when we know there are regulations and inspection procedures in place to ensure food safety? We've both written about these topics before as restaurant chains have capitalized on labeling trends. But we also recognize the fact that this is marketing. And in some ways, agriculture advocates may have contributed to the hysteria and concern surrounding food labels, including Non-GMO Project, or any number of free-from labeling trends. We really shouldn't blame consumers for asking questions and being confused. There are so many options in the market today. As Carrie describes, her local grocery store is putting in a new section of coolers to be stocked solely with dairy options. Be sure to stay tuned as we describe some terms we've used that we now realize could be misinterpreted (cows on drug withdrawls?!?) and offer a few key tactics advocates can use to better engage in these discussions with others. This includes word choice and  listening. Let us know what you think about food labels and confusion in the marketplace by dropping a comment below or chiming in on Twitter. Like what you see here? Sign up for my newsletter to be notified of future stories and weekly headlines. Click here to sign up. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/beefrunner/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/beefrunner/support
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