42 minutes | Jun 30, 2020

Ep. 284: How To Really Simplify And Perform At The Highest Level W/ Dr. Juli La Rocca

Greetings, SuperFriends! Welcome to this week's episode, where we actually have a very special one for you! You've probably heard me talk about today's guest before, Dr. Juli La Rocca, as a star SuperLearner student, and then someone who also took my Branding You program, and has gone on to just become so successful and influential, do incredible things, and help people all over the place. Her story starts as a traditional Western medicine doctor who went from a lot of struggles, trials, tribulations, depression, suicidal thoughts, and much more as you'll discover, to learning, growing, changing, evolving, and becoming a coach to very successful people. She's an incredible woman, she's actually one of my coaches right now, and she has helped me through so many incredible breakthroughs in the last year that we've been working together. So, I thought I would bring her to all of you, because not only does she have an incredible story, and an incredible amount of wisdom to share, but she is the epitome of a SuperLearner, going from not knowing anything about the thought leader business - her words, not mine - to where she is now. Now, the student truly has become the teacher, and she is a valued coach of mine and teaches me so much about how to live my life and how to take good care of myself. So, again, I thought why hog all her wisdom for myself. I wanted to bring her to all of you, and we had an incredible conversation as we always do about life, about what's important, about different tools that you can use to perform at your highest level, and about simplifying, which I think is a really important thing that we all need to be thinking about right now. I heard an incredible quote the other day from a former Disney executive who said "in the rush to go back to normal, take time to consider which parts of normal are worth going back to". I think that is so profound. I think this podcast episode will help you think, and start that conversation with yourself. So it is with great pleasure that I introduce you all to Dr. Juli La Rocca. -Jonathan Levi
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