16 minutes | Oct 6th 2020

YOU Are Worth Becoming

EPISODE 3 In this episode I talk about the challenge of accepting and valuing ourselves as we are. I propose that the way to becoming the best and fullest version of ourselves cannot be found by running away from who we are or by trying to remake ourselves in somebody else’s image. Instead, the path we need to take is to embark on the quest to understand and learn how to thrive with the unique gift that we have been given in each of our personhood.What if you - in the unique mix of your personality, quirks, talents, interests, life experiences - and even your trials and sufferings - are a gift to this world? What if there is someone who needs you to be who you are? What if YOU are that someone first of all who need your acceptance and love to bloom and flourish? Will you give yourself this chance? REFLECTION PROMPTListen. Recall your emotional responses as you listened to this episode. How did you feel? Was there a particular line, word or section that you felt particularly strongly about?Ponder. Choose one reaction you had and start wondering about it. Why do you think you reacted in that way? Can you connect it with some concrete experience or memory in your life? You may wish to find some time in the next couple of days to write or draw in your journal. Act. I invite you to consider writing a note or letter to yourself, as an invitation to friendship. Or, if you prefer, to look at yourself in the mirror and say something sincere and affirming. Try and see if you can find one affirming thing to say to yourself which you can truly mean every daySUBSCRIBE & FOLLOW Website: Visit www.becomingme.sg to read my blog and subscribe to the newsletter! Receive my emails and be the first to know about significant updates and new resources and events before they are launched.Social Media: Follow Becoming Me on Facebook & Instagram
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