22 minutes | Nov 24th 2020

Turning Our Loneliness Into Solitude

EPISODE 10  Many of us encounter people in our lives who cannot understand the new direction we are taking in our lives to know our True Selves. The experience of being alone on this journey can often make us doubt if we are on the right track.In this episode I look at one of the most common reasons beginners on the interior journey get discouraged and offer an explanation of why this struggle exists as well as how we can respond to our loneliness fruitfully.Share this episode easily via a PDF card with live links to different apps! TRANSCRIPT & CHAPTER MARKERS  Available on Buzzsprout Episode Page REFLECTION PROMPTListen.  - As you listened to today’s episode, what struck you?  - What emotions or thoughts came up in response as you listened?Ponder. - What is your default response when you begin to feel lonely or unsupported? Do you run away from loneliness? How do you do that?  Act.  - Write a short note or letter to yourself as you would to a dear friend whom you know, is feeling lonely and melancholic in that note or letter, tell yourself that you will always be available to lend an ear and spend time with you.- The next time you realize that you are feeling lonely, I invite you to take this letter out and read it before you do anything else to distract yourself.- Read that letter and then spend that time that you've promised yourself, listen to your soul and get to know your neglected inner self. For full details of this reflection prompt, please see transcript.ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Blog:  "The Grace of Loneliness"Blog: "Crossing the Threshold of Loneliness"Quote by Henri Nouwen "From Loneliness into Solitude"Book Section. Henri Nouwen. "Reaching Out: The Three Movements of the Spiritual Life". The first section of the book Reaching Out to Our Innermost Self  is about the movement from Loneliness into Solitude.SUBSCRIBE | FOLLOW | CONTACT Contact: Get in touch with Ann.Website: Visit www.becomingme.sg to read my blog and subscribe to the newsletter! Receive my emails and be the first to know about significant updates and new resources and events before they are launched. Social Media: Follow Becoming Me on Facebook & Instagram  
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