24 minutes | Nov 10th 2020

The Necessary Practice of Making Space

EPISODE 8 It doesn't matter how much we understand conceptually about living authentically. If we do not make space in our overcrowded and busy lives to connect with ourselves and work on our interior journey, there will be no transformation in our life. In this episode, I talk about why it is paramount that we learn how to  make space in our lives. I also share about how an awakening to inauthenticity led me to learn this fundamental principle of making space, and how learning it transformed the way my husband and I live our lives and our marriage.Share this episode easily via a PDF card with live links to different apps!TRANSCRIPT & CHAPTER MARKERS Available on Buzzsprout Episode PageREFLECTION PROMPTListen. - As you listened to today’s episode, what struck you? - What emotions or thoughts came up in response as you listened?Ponder. - How much white space is there in your own life right now?- Is there a sufficient space for you to breathe in between the things that you have to do? - Is there a space that allows you to pause and review and recalibrate?- Is there a space for you to just simply be? Act. - In your calendar block out some time within the next week or month and label it “White Space”. - Resist the urge to make plans for this white space ahead of time and resist the urge to give this block of time away to more productive pursuits. For full details of this reflection prompt, please see transcript.ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Book Recommendation: Greg McKeown. "Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less"Article: Bryan Gardner. "Why the White Space in Our Life Matters"SUBSCRIBE | FOLLOW | SHARE Website: Visit www.becomingme.sg to read my blog and subscribe to the newsletter! Receive my emails and be the first to know about significant updates and new resources and events before they are launched. Social Media: Follow Becoming Me on Facebook & Instagram
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