26 minutes | Mar 2nd 2021

The Joy of Hiddenness

EPISODE 16When was the last time you went away to a quiet place to spend some extended quality time with your inner self? No interior life pilgrim will be able to make headway in this journey without entering seasons of hiddenness from time to time.In this episode I share why seasons of hiddenness from the distractions and pressures of our lives are invaluable for going within and connecting with the core of our being. Do you feel like you have been losing touch with your inner self? Or that busyness has been keeping you circling on the outer layer of your life without being able to pay attention to the core of your being? This episode is meant for you!Share this episode easily via a PDF card with live links to different apps!TRANSCRIPT & CHAPTER MARKERS  Available  here.REFLECTION PROMPTListen. - As you listened to today's episode, what struck you? Does something resonate particularly strongly with you?Ponder. - How does the thought of entering a season of hiddenness make you feel? Let your emotions review of themselves to you without judging them. What do you think your emotional response to being hidden is telling you about the state of your inner being? Act. - Identify an area or two in your life that would benefit from a time of hiddenness and tending.- Then plan for a period of time to get away and be hidden where you can be in silence and solitude and be tended to.  For full details of this reflection prompt, please see transcript.ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Blog:  Hide Me So I Can Be FoundOther episodes that would help you understand and apply the lessons in this episode:- Ep 4 & 5 Living from the Inside Out (Part 1 & 2) - Ep 8 The Necessity of Making Space- Ep 9 The Wisdom in Slowing DownInterested in Going on Retreat?Retreat Go Where? Relaxing spots for a spiritual getaway in Singapore.Spiritual Retreats: A Time to Refresh Our Souls (Salt & Light)PODCAST COMPANION WORKBOOK - Downloadable & Printable- 10 worksheets, over 30 exercises- Helps you integrate and apply the foundational principles to Becoming Me- Great for inner work and connecting with yourself in solitude- Includes tips for partner and small-group sharing- Free for all e-mail newsletter subscribersFIND OUT MORESUBSCRIBE | FOLLOW | CONTACT Contact: Get in touch with Ann.Website: Visit www.becomingme.sg to read my blog and subscribe to the newsletter! Receive my emails and be the first to know about significant updates and new resources and events before they are launched.Social Media: Follow Becoming Me on Facebook & Instagram  
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