21 minutes | Dec 12th 2020

Permission to Be "Un-Merry" This Christmas

BONUS EPISODE Christmas is just around the corner,  everyone seems to be merry - but are they really? Are YOU? What if you don't feel like celebrating this Christmas? Does it mean you are being a Scrooge, a Humbug? As someone who still feels contradictory emotions every time Christmas season rolls around, I made this special episode for everyone who needs to acknowledge that they are less than happy during Christmas. I want to assure you that not wanting to celebrate in the usual way does not mean you cannot welcome the incredible gift that Christmas brings.Come as you are, come even if you're sad, or grumpy, or just want to be left alone. Christmas is for you too!Share this episode easily via a PDF card with live links to different apps! TRANSCRIPT & CHAPTER MARKERS  Available at here. GLOSSARY FOR THIS EPISODESome terms you may not be familiar with which I use in this episode:Solemnity - Refers to a particularly great celebration for CatholicsEucharist/ Blessed Sacrament - Refers to the round host - the bread that has been blessed and consecrated at holy mass into the Body of Christ. Perpetual Adoration Chapel - Refers to a chapel where the Blessed Sacrament is present, often exposed, for adoration by the faithful, and which is open 24 hours a day. ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Blog:  Permission to be Un-Merry this ChristmasSUBSCRIBE | FOLLOW | CONTACT Contact: Get in touch with Ann.Website: Visit www.becomingme.sg to read my blog and subscribe to the newsletter! Receive my emails and be the first to know about significant updates and new resources and events before they are launched. Social Media: Follow Becoming Me on Facebook & Instagram 
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