13 minutes | Sep 1, 2020

ENT 188: Stress how to conquer it is don’t run away from it but do something toward it.

Take action, you could be anything for you that you are dreading or something that seems so overwhelming the key sometimes is as soon as you find out there is something like that attack it by taking action. Sometimes it may be a lot of projects or things you have to do and some you don’t know how to start get the main one out of the way. The one that is most important. Key is to take action you may not be able to completely take care of it completely maybe it is a project that will go on for awhile. When you notice that your stressed about something take immediate action and do more and take more action it will make you feel better. Sometimes it is that uncertainty of a situation when we take charge and take a lot of action and put in a lot more work because it trips our stress meter the stress fades and what shows up in its place is satisfacation. Fear turned on itself by hard work and preparation will turn into confidence.Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/entrefied)
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