15 minutes | Aug 28, 2020

ENT 186: Don’t waste your time on being offended.

Don’t waste your time being offended at most stuff. I’ve said it before, but a lot of things don’t matter. One thing that does matter is wasting your time on something that makes you upset that you cannot do anything about. Wasting your time being angry or not in a productive mindset matters. If there is something to learn hey that is one thing but if someone is just acting bad either deal with it or get away from it.Here is a couple of things you can try. Think, why do I care? Try to find something you can learn from it like not to deal with that person again in that manner. I want be sharing that again. Try to find a positive to put on it. How can I deal with that person more effectively, and what does this teach me? Here is a good one how can I handle this situation well and situations like this in the future? Hey, you learned something you sort of turned this possibly into a better situation.Support the show (https://pod.fan/becoming-entrefied)
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