14 minutes | Aug 22, 2020

ENT 181: Setting your mind to something.

To Get our podcast notes go to www.entrefied.com. Train your brain tell yourself what you expect, and except no back talk. When you have identified in the day what you want, you have written it down, then stick to it. That is what you have set out to do. When your brain comes to you and says, hey, I don’t feel like this Today, you say nope already decided. Be sure to tell it something back that puts a positive spin on it. Like when I go to the gym, I’m going to feel energetic, accomplished, and better. We have negative conversations with ourselves, and things are lying to us. We have to call Bull. We need to start adding positive to the arguments in our heads. So that is one thing you can do when you know you should do something, or you have wrote it down or both. First say no, I’m doing it, that’s it.Support the show (https://pod.fan/becoming-entrefied)
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