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Dr Pran Yoganathan - Gastroenterologist and Gastrointestinal endoscopist/Let food by thy medicine/🥩

Dr Yoganathan graduated in medicine from the University of Otago in New Zealand. His training in internal medicine was undertaken in the Westmead Public Hospital. His Advanced training in Gastroenterology was completed in major teaching hospitals in Sydney.  He is a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Physician (FRACP) and a member of Gastroenterological Society of Australia (GESA). He has accredited expertise in Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy and Colonoscopy as certified by the Conjoint Committee for the recognition of training in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy.

Dr Yoganathan has a strong interest in the field of human nutrition.  He practices an approach to healthcare that assesses the lifestyle of the patient to see how it impacts on their gastrointestinal and metabolic health.  Dr Yoganathan believes that the current day nutritional guidelines may not be based on perfect evidence and he passionately strives to provide the most up to date literature in healthcare and science to provide “Evidence-Based Medicine”.  He Is a strong motivator and aims to empower his patients to embark on a journey of self-healing using the philosophy of “let food be thy medicine”.

Dr Yoganathan has a special interest in conditions such as Gastro-oesophageal Reflux (GORD), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and abdominal bloating. He takes a very thorough approach to resolve these issues using dietary manipulation In conjunction with an accredited highly qualified dietician rather than resort to long-term medications.

Dr Yoganathan has developed an interest in “quality colonoscopy” with a focus on optimizing bowel preparation, withdrawal time and the use of high definition endoscopes to maximize adenoma or polyp detection.  Dr Yoganathan’s interest is in the early detection of bowel cancers, well before they become symptomatic and thus saving lives. He is a strong advocate for bowel cancer screening.

All privately performed procedures, including anaesthetic and pathology fees are strictly “no gap”.
MBChB. (Otago), FRACP


Dr Pran Yoganathan is a Gastroenterologist and Gastrointestinal endoscopist based in Sydney. He aims to empower his patients to embark on a journey of self-healing using the philosophy of “let food be thy medicine”.

Areas of Service
Dr Pran Yoganathan is a Gastroenterologist and Gastrointestinal endoscopist. Dr Yoganathan’s consultation services are provided in 76 Showground Rd, Castle Hill, Sydney. The VMO positions he holds in the public and private sector include.

Norwest Private Hospital
Lakeview Private Hospital
Campbelltown Private Hospital
Camden Surgical Hospital (soon to be established)
Blacktown Hospital (Public)
Mount Druitt Public Hospital (Public)
Special Interests

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