28 minutes | Oct 19th 2020

Ep 36: 4 ways to practice Self Compassion in everyday life

Are you kind to other people and not returning the favour to yourself? This episode is all about helping you to create more self-compassion in your life. It's hard to do unless you are aware of what's going on. One thing to note is when we begin to practice loving-kindness and self-compassion, sometimes, it's really painful because we are so used to being critical of ourselves and hard with ourselves that we don't even want to allow that love in. It's about pausing and beginning to see ourselves exactly as we are and not get caught up in our strengths and weaknesses.  I hope you find this episode helpful. I would love to know which of the 4 tips help you the most. Send me a DM on IG @insideouthealthwellness.
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