25 minutes | Oct 5th 2020

Ep 34: How your perception of a situation is limited

Our brains have 2 million bits of information coming in every sec. What an overwhelming thought! Imagine if you took on board all of those thoughts, you would be exhausted! In order to filter through the information, your brain will Generalize, Delete, and Distort. This explains why you and someone else can have the exact same experience yet have totally different thoughts about it.  And that is why you cannot always believe your thoughts.

I help my clients challenge their negative thoughts through an NLP model called the Meta Model. 

In this episode, I explain real-life examples where your brain is distorting, deleting, and generalizing information. Once you understand how your thoughts are affecting your reality you can start to make a change. Awareness is the first step! When you take a step back you can regain a sense of control over your own life.

I hope you enjoy this episode:) You can connect with me on IG @insideouthealthwellness

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