18 minutes | Aug 10th 2020

Ep 27: What is your response to perceived threats?

What does your mind do when it perceives danger/threats Vs when there is an actual threat?

Did you know that you mind cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is perceived?

No matter the situation, whether you are interpreting something as a danger or there is actually one, your mind will still go into a Fight or Flight Response.

Our emotions and beliefs will determine how we respond to events and people, and whether we feel safe or threatened. 

Tune into this episode where I talk about situations where you might perceive a threat based on an internal insecurity. 

The following episodes are helpful in understanding some of the content I mention:

- Episode 19 (out of proportion emotions)

- Episode 21 (our values and beliefs)

- Episode 23 (comfort zone)


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