11 minutes | Sep 12th 2020

Compelling Convos Ep. 26 How To Talk To Anyone With Confidence

Building the SKILL of talking to anyone with confidence is SO important. If you're not able to  communicate with confidence, it'll be more difficult to advance in your career, lead/inspire your team at work, or be confident in a social situation. In this video, I'll show you 5 ways to talk to anyone with confidence. You'll want to stick around till the end of the episode because I'll outline the biggest mistake people make while trying to be confident. Let's dive in!!!! --- Be sure to go to Become More Compelling and get your free 56-minute audio guide on joining & enjoying group conversations. (You'll also get articles, podcasts, videos and much more to help you supercharge your people skills!) --- Have feedback or have a question you'd like to have me answer on a future episode? Let me know on Instagram or Twitter. (@thejeffcallahan) or email me at jeff@becomemorecompelling.com.
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