14 minutes | Aug 7th 2020

Compelling Convos Ep. 22 How To Stop Being Shy

In this episode, I'll share 5 tips to help you stop being shy.   I spent YEARS being shy, and it was really hard, because I knew that I had so much that I wanted to contribute in social situations.   These tips will help you break the shyness cycle and be less quiet in your next social interaction.   --- Do you know what your communication style is? Take this quiz and get a custom report based on your results. (You'll also get articles, podcasts, videos and much more to help you supercharge your people skills!) --- Have feedback or have a question you'd like to have me answer on a future episode? Let me know on Instagram or Twitter. (@thejeffcallahan) or email me at jeff@becomemorecompelling.com.
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