10 minutes | Jul 16th 2020

Compelling Convos Ep. 19 Should You Care What Others Think?

Should you care what other people think? There’s a lot of advice floating around telling us to not care what other people think. (Sometimes in more...colorful language than that.) I’ve never liked the concept of NGAF. But the reality is, caring less about the outcome of any given social interaction can massively help your people skills. In this episode, I’ll walk you through a couple of exercises that will help you declare “outcome independence” with some help from Tim Ferriss and the ancient Stoics. --- TED talk mentioned: https://tim.blog/2017/05/15/fear-setting/  --- Be sure to go to Become More Compelling and get your free 56-minute audio guide on joining & enjoying group conversations. (You'll also get articles, podcasts, videos and much more to help you supercharge your people skills!) --- Have feedback or have a question you'd like to have me answer on a future episode? Let me know on Instagram or Twitter. (@thejeffcallahan) or email me at jeff@becomemorecompelling.com.
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