45 minutes | Aug 12, 2021

#8: Faster internet speed through next-gen transmission technologies like 400G ZR+ and G.metro with Vincent Sleiffer

Nielsen's law states that network connection speeds for high-end home users would increase 50% per year, or double every 21 months. How can the different parts of the network keep up with this trend? In this episode of the Become Fiberminded podcast Vincent Sleiffer is discussing with us, what the latest trends and technologies in 5G, data center interconnect and other network areas are. This includes auto wavelength tuning SFPs (G.metro), which enables a cost-effective and flexible 5G deployment for the operators.We will also cover different modulation formats with the pros and cons and also give an outlook into next-generation transceivers like the 400G ZR+ and why everyone is buzzing around this topic.Last but not least Vincent is giving us his unique perspective on hollow-core fiber on which he did his Ph.D. thesis. Show notes and more at https://fiberminded.com/episode8
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