39 minutes | Jul 18, 2021

#7: Slow internet speed? Becoming your own fiber internet provider with Jared Mauch

Building and planning a small-scale fiber-optic network is no small feat. Jared Mauch is explaining in this episode of the Become Fiberminded podcast his process in getting started and becoming his own fiber internet provider while still working at his day job. Jared also sharing with us, how desperate some of the folks in his area are for fiber broadband access. Which in turn is quite understandable seeing, that broadband access has become crucial for so many services. Jared is also explaining the high-level steps into becoming your own fiber internet provider and it may be easier than you think; at least for the US folks ;-)Last but not least we chat about which cost-effective equipment to use and discuss the benefits of different architectures and that once again proper documentation is key.Show notes and more at https://fiberminded.com/episode7
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