34 minutes | Jul 1, 2021

#6: Fiber planning – Making better business decisions due to automation with Raf Meersman

Automated fiber planning is relying on clean input data. But how do we get there?What are ways to increase data accuracy and make better business decisions?Building and planning a valuable fiber-optic network is no small feat. Raf is confirming in this episode of the Become Fiberminded podcast, that choosing to save time and money in the design process is one of the worst ideas possible. But actually, how can you actually make smarter business decisions and let the planners focus on things that matter? Automation is the key. However, this automation is near useless without input data, which is all digital. One way to get better input data for fiber planning is the usage of LIDAR ( Light Detection and Ranging), which allows for auto data cleaning. Raf mentioned in this episode, that with LIDAR they are able to differentiate the ground if it's either cobblestone or sand automatically, which makes a big difference in the overall built-out cost and also bill of material. Now imagine you could feed all this data into your fiber planning tool to get the best cost-optimized solution. Show note and more: https://fiberminded.com/episode6
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