60 minutes | Jun 14, 2021

#5: From WISP to FISP - changing the business model to scale fiber deployment with Ryan Coates

Changing the business at a 180° angle is certainly challenging. And this is exactly what Ryan is discussing with us. In this episode of Become Fiberminded we will go through the process and lessons learned when moving away from the wireless world to full fiber deployment. We are discussing the mindset shift, which happened to them when going from a wireless OPEX model to a predominantly CAPEX fiber business case model. Ryan will also share their process in doing site surveys and that the postcard might not be the best medium to gauge the interest for fiber connection in a particular area. At this point, Ryan and his team are capable to predict, the future fiber takeup rate with very good accuracy. To scale their business, Surf Broadband recently secured additional funding and Ryan is sharing with us, how they use their fiber network as an asset to scale the business model and that protecting this asset is critical. Last but not least I asked Ryan if he sees SpaceX Starlink as competition and his answer might surprise you. Show notes and more: https://fiberminded.com/episode5
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