27 minutes | Dec 31st 2016

EP10: From Dubai to Silicon Valley, interview with LinkedIn's principal network architect Shawn Zandi

Shawn Zandi is a lead infrastructure architect with LinkedIn, where he builds large scale data center, backbone and networks. Over the past two decades, Shawn has worked as network and security architect for consulting firms from Dubai to Silicon Valley. Shawn holds many publications, patents and certifications including 3x CCIE in routing and switching, Security and eSrvice provider as well as CCDE, while through the years of practice has become a vendor-neutral consultant. He currently lives in San Francisco, in Sunny California. In addition to his commitment to LinkedIn, Shawn is a technical advisor to networking startups in the Bay Area. Quote: RFC1925 - The Twelve Networking Truths Rule (11) Every old idea will be proposed again with a different name and a different presentation, regardless of whether it works.   Resources or Topics Mentioned:   School of Life Youtube Channel Linkedin's Next Generation Data Center Design : Project Altair Book: Universe from Nothing   Tech Lesson of the Day: Applying Machine Learning and Big Data to Networking
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