12 minutes | May 27th 2016

EP06: Tech Lesson - Understanding Basic Network Traffic with Jacob Hess

In this episode of Rockstar SE Jacob Hess and Terry Kim discuss basic network traffic concepts. They break down topics such as collision domains and broadcast domains and how those concepts relate to network traffic and the world of network engineering.   Jacob Hess is an entrepreneur and systems engineer who has over 15 years experience in Information Technology. Working in both the customer and systems integrator environments he has designed and deployed many complex IT projects spanning the full stack of networking technologies. Jacob is also a United States Air Force veteran who served as a technical instructor and trained hundreds of network engineers to be job ready for the Department of Defense. He is the Co-founder & COO of Nexgent and is passionate about inspiring, creating, and empowering the next generation of IT engineers.   Tech Lesson of the Day: Understanding Basic Network Traffic   Resources or Topics Mentioned: Download Your Quick Guide on "Understanding Basic Network Traffic" at RockstarSE.com   RockstarSEblueprint.com: A FREE 5-Day Premium Course, Teaching You How to Become a Rockstar Engineer and Land Your Dream IT Job!
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