33 minutes | Oct 5th 2020

The ONE Thing You're Getting Wrong in Your Marketing (and how to fix it)

In this podcast episode, I’m chatting with Benjamin Shapiro about his podcast marketing strategy. I just had to learn how he publishes 12 podcasts a week!

Listen to Ben give you a behind the scenes look at how he creates content and why starting with a solid foundation is key.

He goes into what that foundation should be built with and how to understand what you’re good at, who your customers are, and how to successfully develop a brand.

Benjamin Shapiro is the producer and host of the MarTech podcast.

He is the founder of benjshap LLC, a brand development and marketing strategy consultant, that specializes in helping growth-stage companies understand how to identify the overlap between corporate identity & customer needs to build an effective marketing strategy.

Prior to his current role, Benjamin left a successful career in business development at eBay to become an entrepreneur that has run a bootstrapped startup, multiple marketing teams at early-stage VC-backed companies, and an independent consulting and content business.

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