52 minutes | Dec 1st 2020

Why Being True To Yourself Is The Business Hack You’ve Been Looking For

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This week, I enjoyed chatting with Ruth, owner of the online boutique, Leina Shine. We discuss why it’s essential to stay true to yourself when building a business and make massive sales through Instagram, even with a smaller following!

Ruth got into the e-commerce game five years ago, helping her sister run her business. After that business stopped its operations, she took a break from her entrepreneurial drive and went back to helping build private practices.

The business bug finally got her again, and Ruth decided to dive all in with a clothing brand aimed towards other moms in her community. She quickly discovered that her business was so much more than just selling clothes--she was selling confidence!. 

Along the way, Ruth has uplifted so many people around her and has discovered so much about herself. Tune in to hear about all she’s learned about empowering her community through her brand and some excellent advice for new shop owners looking to break into e-commerce. 

Key Takeaways

  • How Ruth jumped into building a business (05:45)
  • Where she sold her first product (09:15)
  • What inspired her to start a clothing business (12:00)
  • The decision to only use her and her sisters as models (20:50)
  • Her Instagram story strategy (28:12)
  • Advice for brand new shop owners (36:20)
  • Top takeaways from this episode (44:10)

Additional Resources 

Check out Leina Shine here

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