35 minutes | Sep 15th 2020

What If It Took 101 Times?

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Bethany started writing a book ten years ago. She struggled to find a publishing agent to read her book. She sent numerous queries to agents to get them interested in her book. She sent more than 100 of these without any success. She got so frustrated and cried a lot and eventually moved on and forgot about the book.

This was until January of this year when she was out on a cruise. On one of the dinner nights, she met Anissa Holmes who connected her to someone who helped her publish her book with Morgan James Publishing in just three weeks.

Bethany advises people who are struggling to find a publisher for their book to look at other options. There are so many options today, including going the self-publishing route. She adds that you need to keep networking and talking about your book. You never know when you might  meet a good connection who will point you to the right direction.

Key Takeaways

  • Make 2020 your Year (05:31)
  • Networking can change your timeframe very quickly (09:22)
  • Do the work to increase your luck (10:20)
  • There are hybrid methods of publishing; you don’t have to go the traditional way (16:31)
  • How to write a book (18:11)
  • Step into the uncomfortable to grow (21:36)
  • Leveraging influencers to sell a book (24:24)
  • Your 101st try may be the life-changing yes (29:21)
  • Take your book and turn it into an experience for your readers (26:39)

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