49 minutes | Aug 25th 2020

Under The Hood. Recap Of Because I CAN LIFE

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How do you connect with your audience with everything that is going on currently? How do you show them love and serve them at a higher level? With everything getting canceled due to the virus, it may seem difficult to connect with everything on the world pivoting to online.

Our successful virtual conference was so enlightening. We got to see how you can connect with your audience virtually. I go through all the steps we took to prepare for the conference and how we made it a good experience for everybody attending from their homes. A lot of thought went into planning to deliver this amazing experience.

I was nervous and uncomfortable at first being something new. It is normal to have these thoughts when trying out something you have never done before. It doesn’t mean you stop or quit. It means you are growing and learning the process. You grow when you are uncomfortable. That’s when you make things happen.

Tune in to this episode and hear how we pulled the virtual conference off and all the good things and lessons that came out of it. 

Key Takeaways

  • How do you connect with your audience with the world pivoting to online (02:29)
  • Background to the planning of the 2020 conference (04:28)
  • It is normal to be nervous and uncomfortable when trying something new (09:28)
  • Creating a memorable experience for the virtual conference attendees at home (12:19)
  • Finding someone to hold you and help you get though when you feel you can’t (15:01)
  • How I chose speakers for the virtual conference (30:24)
  • The bad from the virtual conference (32:25)
  • The good things that came out of the conference (36:40)
  • Some of my favorite quotes from the event (40:31)
  • Top takeaways from the conference (42:23)

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