42 minutes | Oct 20th 2020

Transitioning From A Brick and Mortar to an Online Store

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Today’s interview has me downright giddy because it is such a dose of hope and motivation! I know the uncertainty of COVID has left so many business owners at a complete loss on how to make their next move. The sense of unpredictability has permeated almost every area of our lives, and I see how difficult it’s been for business owners. 

In this episode, I had the chance to talk to Anne-Michelle Frances, co-owner of Ohana Board Shop. She and her husband fulfilled one of their dreams by opening a surf and skate shop. Their business was doing very well and was a huge asset to the community, eventually leading them to open a second location in their area. 

When COVID hit, everything came to a complete stop. They had to abandon their brick and mortar shop and figure out what to do next. With no end date in sight and no employees left, Anne-Michelle and her husband decided to lean back on their incredibly loyal following and transition to an online business model. 

I love the tenacity of these business owners! Their story is such a light in what otherwise has felt like a pretty bleak time for many other entrepreneurs. 

Check out this week’s episode to find out exactly how they could pull off this significant change in their business and where they are now! 

Key Takeaways

  • Anne-Michelle’s entrepreneurial start with a skate and surf shop (02:28)
  • Realizing that they would need to move the business online (06:00)
  • How she drove customers to her online store (08:50)
  • The best marketing tactic (12:10)
  • How this shift introduced new dreams in their personal life (18:50)
  • Running a business while they are traveling around the country (23:20)
  • What Anne-Michelle has learned from this whole process (27:05)
  • Top ten takeaways (33:20)

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