31 minutes | Jun 1, 2021

The Guide for Making Your Own Rules

Hey everyone! It's Alison, and I'm back with an amazing interview on the Because I Can podcast.Get ready, because this week’s guest is someone you’ll want to know of!Who am I talking about? Well, only the fabulous Shauna Metcalf! How would I describe Shauna? I'd say she is an amazing mother, a fabulous woman, and a business owner extraordinaire. Plus, she has horses, how cool is that?Currently, she is running her own women's clothing boutique (Hello fashion queen!!), but she actually started her career as a dental hygienist (PLOT TWIST!!)Why did she make such a huge career jump? Like a lot of women I've had on this podcast, Shauna was too busy working for someone else. She craved freedom (don't we all?), she wanted to spend more time with her family, and so, she took the jump (YAYYY!).Today, she tells me (and you) all about how she did it (specials thanks to her dad, we love a supportive father) and where she's going now!So, if this sounds like your cup of tea, grab yourself a nice drink, sit in your favorite chair (we all have a favorite chair, right? It's not just me?), and give us a listen! Key Takeaways- Intro (00:00)- Shauna's backstory (02:02)- How Shauna's business journey started (05:15)- Stop looking for perfection! (13:18)- How Shauna is fulfilling her orders (18:32)- Shauna's tips and tricks (21:13)- Looking for Shauna? Here's where to find her (23:43) Additional Resources Check out Shauna’s website here: wildfeathersboutique.com/Use the code BECAUSEICAN for a 50% off on any regular priced items in your order!If you want to connect with Shauna, you can reach out to her here:Facebook: @wildfeathersboutique1Instagram: @wildfeathersboutiqueConnect with Alison:Facebook: @alisonjprinceInstagram: @alisonjprinceLinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/alisonjprince/>>>Join the $0-100k Program: 0-100k.com/master-class-start
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