32 minutes | May 25, 2021

Have Margins? What to Do Next

Today, we're wrapping up May Margin Month. YAYYYYY! It was a pretty good adventure, wasn't it?And yes, we're ending it with a bang!! Today, I'm interviewing the fabulous Tasha Cochran, and we discuss exactly WHAT to do with those margins once you make them! How do you plant those seeds? How do you spend that money in the best way possible? And how can you build wealth using it?Tasha answers all these questions and more for us today! In this interview, she tells you exactly what you can do with that money, and how you can invest it and turn it into a rich harvest. So, if this sounds like your cup of tea (and I know it does), tune in now! Key TakeawaysIntro (00:00)Introducing Tasha Cochran (02:49)Debt shouldn't stop you from building wealth (07:46)Tasha's tips for entrepreneurs (10:57)Mistakes entrepreneurs make (15:45)What are bad debts? (19:18)Tips for creating wealth (24:19)Where you can find Tasha (26:47)Top 10 takeaways (28:18) Additional Resources Check out Tasha’s website here: onebighappylife.com/Connect with Alison:Facebook: @alisonjprinceInstagram: @alisonjprinceLinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/alisonjprince/>>>Join the $0-100k Program: 0-100k.com/master-class-start
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