35 minutes | Apr 6, 2021

From Zero To Her First $100K

This week, I talked to Alexis Stoniea of Everyday Cozy Living on reaching her first $100K in under a year while raising a family AND working a full-time job!

I've been following Alexis for a little over a year, and I've just watched her business explode. I knew I needed to bring her on the show and pick her brain. We talked about choosing that first product, pivoting a business when initial plans don't work, and driving traffic. 

Alexis shares why she started her business in the first place and offers some great advice to all of you new entrepreneurs out there. Our conversation was inspiring and filled with great ideas that I think you'll find helpful in reaching your first $100K!

Key Takeaways

  • One year anniversary of starting her business (03:11)
  • Hitting her first six figures (06:50)
  • How she chose a product (10:00)
  • How she drives traffic (15:45)
  • Advice for new entrepreneurs (21:00)
  • Why she started her business (24:00)
  • Top Takeaways (30:30)

Additional Resources 

Head over to Everyday Cozy Living and use the code I Can for 15% off a plush throw AND a free gift!

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